Letter to the Editor: The high cost of Dover living

So now the city of Dover is considering raising property taxes. Recently, the voters of the Capital School District also voted to raise property taxes, which is done and a different issue.

But, to old Dover residents, this Dover proposal raises a few questions as well as adds to our burden.

Didn’t the city just build a new approximately 20 million-dollar library and homeless shelter? Didn’t the city recently acquire the three-story WSFS building to use for city offices?

Why do we pay a city manager over $130,000 a year, and an assistant city manager over $110,000 a year? Why do we pay a council over $60,000 a year? The city just demolished a multi-use building at the park near White Oak Road, yet there are some who call for a new city hall and a new multi-use building east of town. But they want to raise property taxes. If the city is growing, like we’re told, shouldn’t they be taking in more property taxes from its growth?

And while we’re at it, where is that fee money? The city charges a Sewer Impact Fee, building permit fees, re-zoning and site plan fees, parking ticket fees, we pay for sewerage, water, electricity, even a garbage collection fee. I was born here and raised here, but I must say it’s getting costly to live here.

Of course, to a $600 a month councilman, a tax increase is nothing.

Somebody once said the government doesn’t need more money — it spends too much money. Dover should look at itself.

Doug Van Sant

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