LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The hypocrisy of criticizing immigration policy

I just couldn’t help but wonder how people like Alan Gaddis can get so much wrong in such a short space. (“U.S. treatment of asylum seekers is ‘inhumane’,” Letter to the Editor, July 6) I had almost topped out my overflow tank when I got to the crux of his problems near the end. He, like most of the other liberals, either don’t now or have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince us that the Founding Fathers created a “constitutional democracy.”

Ben Franklin even remarked that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” As a result, and much to the chagrin of today’s Democratic Party, the founders created a republic.

I have a difficult time where to start on the fable that was woven into that letter. Suffice it to say, however, that the old Republican Party that tended to play lap dog and cede away our rights under the guise of compromise is gone. Conservatives no longer are a rubber stamp for half-baked ideas and rewritten history. The “one world order of the Bushes, Clinton and Obama are just not going to play in Peoria any more.

That should come as no surprise to the Democrats who are but a sad shadow of what they once stood for. Even DNC Chair Tom Peres has admitted that the Democratic Party of the future looks towards socialism. But I digress.

Mr. Gaddis has painted this picture of President Trump and AG Sessions being the cause of this “inhumanity to man.” This is pure hypocrisy since this program was implemented under Bill Clinton who established a dictum that immigrant children could only be held for 20 days before they were released. (Need I remind you about Elian Gonzales and how he was ripped away from his parent and returned to Cuba?)

This mandate was carried on by George Bush and during eight years of Obama’s term, they were actually held in chain link enclosures, many of whom slept on the floor. At no point during this decade did one single liberal raise that as an issue. In the last few years of Obama, the law was completely ignored while he implemented “catch and release” while encouraging those who did come into register to vote.

You can juggle the dictionary any way you want, but the language of truth prevails. There’s are not refugees, these are invaders. They are not immigrants since they have no compunction nor desire to go through our legal immigration process. These are people who wantonly violate our nation’s laws and sovereignty.

America is the most generous and welcoming country in the world. Each year since 2000, we have welcomed in 1 million legal immigrants to our population and they are at the highest level ever recorded at 37 million. This is not including the 11-plus million who are here illegally.

If an American citizen breaks into your home and is caught, he is sent to prison. Not one liberal addresses this issue of the children they leave behind. Mr. Gaddis tries to paint a rosy picture but these children are placed in foster care or returned to a single-parent environment and must fare on their own. Illegal aliens, conversely are given more food and care that they’ve likely ever experienced.

I am equally tired of the white guilt being tossed about. I wasn’t a part of that history and therefore have no reason to justify or slander what was in the past. I know that America can ill afford for hard-working citizens to carry the weight of the world. When illegal aliens cross our borders, why should the Constitution be invoked for them over our citizens? “Open borders” is just the socialist agenda to make the citizens dependent on the government.

Here are some documented facts about the actual cost illegal aliens burden legal tax payers with:

Each year $11-22 billion is spent on welfare provided them during their illegal entry. Food assistance/food stamps provided them cost $22 billion. Schooling for illegal alien children, many of whom can’t speak English, costs $12 billion. Babies born here from illegal alien mothers (anchor babies) cost us $17 billion. Up to 30 percent of illegals are incarcerated at a cost of $3 million a day while $90 billion is spent on welfare and social services. Each year, these people send over $45 billion back to their home country of origin and the IRS says they’re entitled to tax refunds without ever contributing.

This is the real story of open borders and who will ultimately suffer. In America today we have over 1.5 million homeless citizens. In Appalachia we have hundreds of families starving and many of our citizens in the inner big cities suffer through obscene living conditions.

Seniors are being threatened with Social Security running dry in coming years even though the money in it belongs to them as they had it taken from their checks and their employers. Yet people like Mr. Gaddis want to make us feel guilty for acts that are being committed against us.

I know I’m not the only one who’s sick of the president being ostracized for enforcing the laws Congress created. If they are truly as bad as liberals would have you believe, why hasn’t their party introduced bills to eliminate them?

George Roof

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