Letter to the Editor: The necessary background?

In response to the article of Friday, June 21, “Report a guide for McGuinnes to improve office.” I have been wondering how long it would be before Kathleen McGuinnes reached out for help in negotiating the job of the Office of Auditor of Accounts for the State of Delaware.

While blaming the confusion in her office on the previous administration, I think there might be other reasons for her need for assistance. I have wondered why a state position, such as auditor, did not require the applicant to be appointed, due to the accounting skills required to hold such a position.

Even so, you would expect a potential elected official to have an accounting background. Such is not the case. Even though the position of Attorney General is also an elective one, one would not expect someone who did not have a legal background to run for election to hold such a position. I have the same question about why you would not expect the State Auditor to be a CPA, or at least have a college degree in accounting. McGuinnes is a pharmacist.

With this as the reality, it seems that Kathleen McGuinnes is being compensated for merely being a figurehead for the Office of Auditor of Accounts.

While the study cost the taxpayers $45,000, not a large amount considering the total budget of the office, I would hope that those who have been hired by the new auditor are experienced professionals worth the $100,000 a year they are paid. I hope the audit examined the education of the new staff and their expertise in relation to their salaries, which, by the way, is more compensation than many of the attorneys receive who are employed by the Attorney General’s office.

Jacksie A. Chatlas

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