Letter to the Editor: The nightmare of Nancy

Who is the most powerful woman in Washington, DC? Just forget Fauxcahontas, Kamala, Kirsten, AOC and how soon we forget the once-sacred Hillary Rodham Clinton.. a woman from the past.

You can bet the farm that it is Fancy Nancy Pelosi — the Lady of the House – e.g. House Majority Leader and Speaker of the House. Two heartbeats away from the presidency.

She is always conceiving of one more decisive deception, delaying action or obstruction under the guise of her compassion, caring of our Better Angels and the benefit for America. When she attained her personal goal of returning to the Majority House leadership she knew her time had arrived to attempt to destroy the POTUS. A POTUS she has deplored since his unexpected presidential victory in November 2016.

No Democrat worth their salt (or career) will speak or display a word of disparity against the power will of Madam Pelosi. They know if they should do so their prized political careers would suddenly come to a crashing halt. She is the only House Majority Leader/Speaker of the House who ever dictated the doctrine that any president’s State of The Union address would not be held in HER House. That is a real power play.

She won that round against President Trump and, of course, was praised by her doting Democratic colleagues for her bravery, concern for the human element and the end result. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer was her praise partner in crime. This is not his first political rodeo and Scowling Schumer knows the Lady of the House is a formidable foe. He will NEVER cross that dangerous line of dissension.

Republicans, too, don’t appear at the ready to speak candidly about any disparaging comments or expressions Nancy evokes. Their fear of the woman is most discouraging when seeking a true confrontation to silence the visible Pelosi hatred, obstruction and discrediting of any viable solution to the many problems that need to be addressed in the hallowed halls of Congress.

There does seem that the only person who will express his thoughts, beliefs and major concerns for the security, prosperity and worldly growth for America is President Donald J. Trump. He does not quake with fear in the presence of the Lady of the House. He has dealt with adversaries in the past both in the business and political sectors. Fear is not a word that comes easily forth from the 45th.

He will take on any confrontation either foreign or domestic. Even if they are just down Pennsylvania Avenue. Madam Pelosi may feel secure that she has won the governmental shutdown battle…..BUT the game ain’t over yet! It may be the bottom of the ninth but she will be facing a heavy hitter at the plate.

45th must be adhering to FDR’s wise, encouraging words “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”. This game could go into overtime. Let’s see if Nancy with the smiling face is still showing those pearly whites at the end. The Donald just might know how to play the game to win and send Nancy back to her House despondent, but assuredly, ready to compete once again. Should be an interesting era in American history.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan

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