LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The real cost of factory poultry farming

Most people, when they go to the grocery store, pay a price for whatever item they are purchasing at the advertised price. But the people of Sussex County are paying a much higher price than people elsewhere for chickens.

That’s because there is a hidden cost in raising the chickens here in Delaware. Many residents who live around these mega industrial factory poultry farms are subsidizing the chicken industry here in Delaware with their health, their financial investments in their home, their freedoms and the pleasure to use their homes and property as they wish without interference from the pollution generated by these super industrial poultry factory farming facilities.

They are essentially becoming prisoners in their own homes and property and cannot escape due to the financial losses.

A lot of people do not realize that the chicken industry is a super toxic environmental time bomb! If they do not ventilate these chicken houses the chickens would succumb to their own pollution, and they would all surely perish.

One of the diseases related to this is called ocular histoplasmosis, an eye disease and also histoplasmosis, a fungus or virus that affects the lungs.

When other communities, states or countries receive their poultry products from the state of Delaware they’re not subject to pay for the pollution to the state of origin of that product like Delaware, they are not subject to pay for the property losses to the individuals who lose tens of thousands of dollars of their property value, and they’re not subject to have their health put in extreme danger from the pollution generated by these toxic time bombs which borderline on biological warfare to the communities where they are established!

Somewhere down the line when the pollution is so bad in the state of Delaware, and no property can be sold because of the toxins in the air and the water and the soil, and no one will want to come and buy property or to even visit the state of Delaware, this is when the real cost of the industrial factory poultry farming will raise its ugly head And the real cost will no longer be able to be hidden from the public.

And the cost of all this pollution will have to be paid for by every citizen of the state of Delaware in the very near future.

We need to act now to apply pollution control standards to control the air, water and waste that comes from these industrial polluters and the cost of this should be shared with everyone who purchased these products, not just the residents of the communities in Delaware!

When you drive 15 or 20 miles down U.S. 13 or U.S. 113 and smell a continuous odor of chicken waste, you have a serious pollution problem in your community.

We need to start a petition to force our state legislators to write legislation to implement air and pollution control standards on these factories to force them to install and use hydraulic air scrubbers on the exhaust pollutants being ventilated and pumped into our community, so that they reclaim this pollution and they are forced to deal with the financial cost of these toxins, and not the citizens in our communities. And the toxins and waste should be weighed and monitored for compliance.

Any industrial poultry industry that produces more than 10,000 chickens in a six-month period would be subject to these new environmental rules and regulations, and there will be no grandfathering of this regulation!

You see my friends this is what a trade war looks like up close and personal on a county and state level!

Bill Sharpe

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