Letter to the Editor: The right to defend yourself

First, kudos to George Roof for his wise DSN letter of April 9. (“Gun bill turns lawful citizens into criminals”) Now, I’ll set the stage for my diatribe. I am a senior/senior living alone in a single home on acreage in a rural area of Kent County.

At 1:15 a.m., April 8 I was awakened by knocking on my door. As I responded, the knocking became loud pounding. When I reached my kitchen I saw an adult male pounding with all his might on the slider glass and shouting obscenities.

I didn’t know him of course and I was startled to say the least. He would not listen to anything I tried to say and kept pounding the glass of the door. I went and got my sizeable, loaded handgun and waved it at him. The pounding continued.

Only when I stepped back and aimed the gun at him did he run away. I did not fire the weapon. I called 911, Delaware State Police. The culprit ran to another house where he was subdued by dogs and an ex-policeman who lives there.

The police arrived 21 minutes after my call. I hope all the Delaware legislators who favor strong gun control in private homes will try and put yourselves in my place. What would you have done? In the past 60-plus years I have not had as much as a parking ticket. But I will defy any law that takes away my right to defend myself.

William B. King

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