LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The swamp seems to be prevailing

Mrs. or Ms. Monahan, I read your letter (Sept. 24). As usual you are extolling the virtues of our current POTUS. As far as I am concerned he is an aberration in the White House and come 2020 we will be rid of him.

As for his supreme court nominee [Kavanaugh] I will leave this to the fates and the Vegas’ odds makers. Why do you continually bring up the 2016 election and HRC, the Dems have moved past that; they have other issues to deal with so let’s not revisit this chapter.

As for the economy, some parts of the country are doing well, others have not. The only reason the corporations are coming back because our former POTUS (Obama) told them he would tax their products unless they return.

Now to the NATO issue — the Trumpster knew nothing about the organization. He just assumed NATO was a fancy drink with fruit and a umbrella or some type of weird sandwich. He didn’t look at the NATO charter before he insulted them. The U.S. has been the biggest contributor since NATO was formed in 1949. The reason alliance members skimp on spending because our commitment let them, especially following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, when many nations began to slash defense spending.

He couldn’t understand that other NATO countries don’t owe us money. The reality is that the alliance members have been increasing spending since 2014 (Obama) with a total of $46 billion. If you look at the European Union with three times the population and eight times the GDP of Russia, it is fully capable of defending itself without U.S. help.

How soon we have forgotten what got handed to Obama in ’08; where was Trumpster then? The only thing I’ve seen so far out of this POTUS is chaos and a list of bad accomplishments.

Let me restate that wall will deter no one — funding and manpower will fix the border patrol. Why do you keep bringing up HRC in your letters? Until you meet the person, sit down and talk to them, you know nothing about them except what the media puts out. As one of the presidential historians once said: “Being president is a lonely, stressful, and thankless job, anyone running for it should have a mental exam because whether it is one term or two, in the end your going to need help”.

Lonnie Brewer


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