LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The time to protect Delawareans is now

I am sorry that the world is in such turmoil. There is violence of unimaginable proportion.

Recently we’ve heard a lot about Syrian refugees. These refugees are running from the violence in their country, and unfortunately, the people from whom they are trying to escape are among them. The terrorists who travel with the true refugees are there not by chance, but rather by design. I know this tactic firsthand from the time I spent in Vietnam when it was used during the Tet Offensive. The village residents were driven toward the base and the enemy fighters were among those who were trying to escape.

Why would our government, federal or state, agree to take the risk of bringing these vicious radicals here?

I understand and sympathize with the idea of aiding the refugees, but wouldn’t it be a better idea to put the effort and resources into making their homeland a safer place? We sat back and allowed this situation to escalate and we are watching the repercussions of it.

Sen. David G. Lawson

Sen. David G. Lawson

Now as a nation we are expected to open our doors to the very enemy the refugees are fleeing from. Forgive me, but this is a concept I cannot comprehend.

There is an ever-moving number of exactly how many refugees are coming to the United States. We have heard there were 10,000 being brought in, and now we hear more than 85,000 are going to be accepted. How do you set a number on true need? If these are escaping refugees in dire need of a safe haven, are we as a nation going to slam the door when that threshold is reached? The truth is that there is no real answer. The numbers will continue to grow, and I guarantee we will never hear an accurate number.

I have heard our president and Gov. Markell say that all of these refugees will be thoroughly vetted. That concept has been disputed by the very department heads that would do the vetting. There are no records to vet. Being a retired state trooper and knowing a little about background investigations, I know that if the information is not collected, then, you have nothing to analyze.

If we allow this flood of refugees to enter our state, we will, without a doubt, have radicals among them. Our safety is at great risk, and what we’ve seen happen in Paris is proof of this.

At various times of my life, I have taken oaths — as a Boy Scout, when I joined the U.S. military, when I became a Delaware State Trooper and again each time that I have been elected to public office. These oaths have never been recalled, nor have they ever expired. I believe that I took those oaths for life.

When we were elected as public servants for the people of Delaware, we took oaths to protect this state and country. It is time that “We the People” hold each and every elected official to that oath.

State Sen. David G. Lawson
R-District 15

Editor’s note: State Senate District 15 includes Cheswold, Felton, Hartly, Kenton and Viola, and surrounding unincorporated areas, including the Delaware portion of Marydel and areas on the southern edges of Clayton and Smyrna.

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