LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The value of vaping

Regarding the (Associated Press) article “E-cigarettes disappoint in a workplace quit-smoking study,” I quit smoking over seven years ago using electronic cigarettes and I am proof that these devices are the best option for smokers looking to kick the habit.

Vaping is a great way to stop smoking for anyone with a true desire to quit. These products are so effective because they simulate every facet of instant gratification a smoker gets from their normal ritual when lighting up. Vapers can control their dosage of nicotine in a way that would have been the stuff of science fiction only 10 years ago.

Speaking of science, the data is already in on this. We know personal vaporizers are much less harmful than any form of combustible tobacco. The incredibly flawed format of the “study” cited in the May 24 paper only illustrates the bias against vapor products in the media today.

Bring a smoker who really wants to quit into a local vape shop, where they can be educated on how to use the devices, find the hardware that suits their needs and have the chance to pick out a flavor that they really enjoy.

Outside the doors of a vape shop, there is a huge community of support both local and around the world that helps make vaping less of something a smoker needs to do and more of something they want to do. While these products are still considered new to the market, they show the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of smokers.

Andrew Wolford

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