Letter to the Editor: The written word

Americans have for some time witnessed “hardness of hearts” from our elected officials, news media, entertainers, etc., through their extreme denial of common sense laws. It isn’t hard to understand how such educated individuals can be so defiant and insubordinate.

Their deliberate abuse of the law is nothing short of arrogance, conceit; lust for power, and absolute hatred for President Trump and his administration.

Due to incessant resist and revenge madness, America’s soul is wavering and they do not concern themselves with this problem. We all have a choice in life; we can obey or deny – do what is right or wrong.

Too many have, and, will continue denying truth and justice. The amoral population just can’t let go of their failures to succeed even if it greatly injures the nation.

This nation has two of the greatest gifts ever written: #1 – God’s Word, The Bible (his law), and, #2 – The U.S. Constitution (America’s law).

For purposeful reasons both laws are being denied by a huge majority of our population. Why? Due to greed, power, political correctness and sheer stubbornness? So many politicians and their cohorts clearly have not chosen God first in their lives. I cringe every time they use God’s name in one of their speeches. If they believed in God’s word, they would know what they must do.

They do not comply with either law. They prefer to manipulate and change them to their satisfaction. If this was not so, they would understand both law’s doctrines and principles; and act accordingly.

Note: If you do not believe or obey God’s law you cannot call yourself a Christian. If you do not believe or obey the U.S Constitution’s law as written, you cannot call yourself a true American. You must read, study, and learn both laws’ significance and obey.

Religion and State: We have both — it is called freedom. Digest and grasp their true importance and worth; apply them to your everyday lives. Also, consider our forefathers; their sacrifices and what they endured to bequeath privileges to future generations: religious freedom, liberty and independence. Ignorance is not and will not be an excuse!

The youth of today do not appreciate much. They are not being taught religious values, citizenship or American history. Some educators are even going as far as to tell/advise their students who to support in major elections: using them as political pawns. Their innocent minds are being manipulated and influenced with anti-American rubbish. Parents are not teaching their children God and his word; nor respect for country, flag or Constitution.

If we could correct all this madness, we might be able to save our great nation from ruin. She is weeping due to so much irrefutable damage. And, if we do not rebuild decency and integrity in this land she is going to collapse. The “Left” just keeps on resisting with their open borders, sanctuary states/cities, gun control, free Medicare for all, free education, green/green/green, “above the law crimes,” murder of unborn babies (also babies born alive); and, open hatred for religions, etc., etc., etc. If these people do not open their hearts and realize their errors, “She will fall.”

Wake up America!! Whose side are you on — God’s side, the U.S. Constitution (America’s side), or the side of ruin and corruption? It is up to you.

As for illegals: They cross our borders from countries which are poor and struggling, but that does not give them the right to break our laws in order to better their lives. They must obey and come to our country the legal way, not sneaking or stealing their way in, but the law of our land’s way. We cannot tolerate anymore illegal influx /invasion into our country for those who will alter our values, morals, justice and ethics.

Love us, respect us, obey our laws and submit to the American way. Love our flag and learn our language. America is the greatest country in the world.”If you want it, you must earn it!! There must not be any other choice. The only way – “The written word’s way,” Obey.

Sue Schell

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