Letter to the Editor: Thinning the herd

Assisted suicide is the first step in providing a means to “thin the herd.” Insurance companies will be salivating if this bill gets out of committee, is voted into law and signed by our governor.

What would be the incentive for healthcare companies, Medicare or Medicaid to continue paying your health care costs when they can merely give you a $1.50 pill to kill yourself?

For those of you with chronic illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease, MS and on and on, why would your provider continue paying for your care?

Yet again, your physician will be caught in the middle and most likely be given incentives to help you “voluntarily” end your life! Let that sink in. Their focus should be on caring but instead they’ll be pressured into culling. Don’t let this happen in Delaware.

Rosanne Cholewinski

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