Letter to the Editor: Those who commit a crime get arrested

Ken Abraham seems critical, in his commentary, “Jailing nonviolent offenders costly to tax-payers”, of the fact that “Black people make up 42 percent of people who have been jailed multiple times over the past year, though they comprise 13 percent of the nation’s overall population.”

I don’t think simply comparing the percent of those incarcerated to their percentage of the population is valid; instead, those who commit a crime resulting in arrest, regardless of race, are incarcerated.

And neither is a claim of “targeting,” valid, because, once again, it is those who commit a crime, not those allegedly “targeted,” who are sent to jail. Bottom line: those incarcerated are there because they committed a crime, not because they represent a particular race or were allegedly “targeted.”

In addition, many who are arrested here in Delaware are given generous bail arrangements. Then, as Mr. Abraham indicates, many return to commit additional crimes and end up back in jail.

Fred Smiga


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