Letter to the Editor: Time for a change

It’s time for a change for voters in Milton, Harbeson, Lewes, and the surrounding area. For those of us in state House District 20 and State Senate District 6, Steve Smyk and Ernie Lopez have had more than enough time to address longtime problems.

Voters in these districts should ask yourselves: Are water quality and drinking water contamination problems better? Have traffic problems improved and congestion diminished? Have your cell phone and broadband internet service gotten better or cheaper? Is housing more affordable, more available for average wage workers? Are there more future-oriented, high-paying jobs with benefits to keep young people in the area? The answer to all questions — no! You get the picture.

I say six years is more than enough time. Now it’s time for a change! John “Jack” Bucchioni is running to replace Smyk in House District 20 and David Baker is running to replace Lopez in Senate District 6. Jack and Dave are both retirees with a wealth of business and government experience, respectively, and have new, workable ideas to address long-standing problems.

Jack and Dave have knocked on hundreds of doors and been to dozens of community meetings on water pollution and other problems. Smyk and Lopez have never knocked on my door or been to these meetings — or fixed the problems.

Water pollution and others problems are not Republican or Democrat problems — they are our problems. I urge all voters — Democrats, Independents, Republicans — to vote for Jack Bucchioni (House District 20) and Dave Baker for (Senate District 6).

Keith Steck

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