LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for Trump to take responsibility for himself

This is in response to Charlotte Moreland’s article (“Constant bashing of President Trump is ‘unfair’” July 6).

For starters, I didn’t just bash President Trump. I also bashed the Republican-controlled Congress who don’t care anything about the poor or the middle class. They never have and never will!

So let’s get this right, It’s OK for you and most right-wing Republicans to continue to bash President Obama, but it’s not OK to bash President Trump? Talk about a double standard!

No president has been more restricted and disrespected more than Barack Obama! Even to the point that a woman was all up in his face! That’s disrespect of a president at its highest level! I don’t hear anything about that.

I’ve read more bashing and disrespectful articles about Obama than any other American president. Even after President Obama met with President Trump after he was inaugurated and offered to help him out, President Trump turns around and accuses him of wiretapping — a claim that was rebuked by every form of intelligence!

Despite the challenge of the Republican-controlled Congress, President Obama still accomplished a lot during his eight years. He got the unemployment rate down from nearly 10 percent to under 5 percent, saved the auto industry and put the big banks on notice.

This article isn’t about Obama’s accomplishments. It’s more about how our current president continues to bash Obama every chance he gets. Trump has been president for almost six months now, and he still attacks and blames Obama for almost everything that is going on. Or better yet, everything he himself can’t get done!

At least Obama was good about bringing people together. Who has Trump brought together? He had a great opportunity to lift up Obama and the African-American community up during Black History Month by simply saying to the black youth, “If you’re disciplined and have a good work ethic and stay committed to getting a good education, you can be as great as President Barack Obama someday!” But noooo! That’s not in his DNA!

He has to tear down and denigrate this man every chance he gets! So I guess that’s acceptable to you, Ms. Moreland? The fact of the matter is, the reason why Trump continues to bash and throw stones at Obama is he is jealous. Jealous of all the accomplishments of Obama and insecure because of the fact that he cannot get a single meaningful (piece of) legislation passed. Why? Because in your own words Ms. Moreland, he is not a politician!

Attitude reflects leadership. What I mean by that is people are going to imitate what they hear and what they see! President Trump is his own worst enemy! Not the media! Not the press! Not CNN or MSNBC or the Wall Street Journal or any other entity that chooses to bash him!

There are three things he needs to do. He needs to stop tweeting! Stop lying to the American people! And stop bashing and blaming Obama for everything that’s going on now! In case he doesn’t realize, Obama is not the president of the United States anymore! He is president — sad and unreal as it may be.

Do you know why this country is great Ms. Moreland? It’s great because of the love and respect that we have for each other as a nation. Regardless of whether you’re white or black, or poor, or an immigrant, this country has always tried to look after the ones less fortunate. Not because it’s a right or a privilege either. It’s because as a nation, we care!

I’m retired after working 32 years. I’m a husband, a father, and a grandfather. I’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times in this country. We’ve always persevered. Why? It’s because we care! When we stop caring for each other and helping the ones in need, then we are doomed as a nation.

I haven’t seen any bonding or unity coming from this administration. Whether it will or not remains to be seen. I stand by everything I’ve written based on everything I’ve witnessed during my lifetime. You have a right Ms. Moreland to agree or disagree. The same as I have the right to say what I feel.

In closing I will say this, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw any stones.” With that being said, there’s always plenty of blame to go around on either side. I can only go by what I’m witnessing today. It’s a sad time for America. I’m not giving Trump his just due and I will never give him his just due until he starts actually being president and unites everyone instead of the select few!

What’s going on is much bigger than just being a Democrat or a Republican. It’s about being an American.

Francis A. Bethel III


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