LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Timing is everything in life and campaigns

Isn’t it interesting and timely that so many women are now coming forth to accuse Donald J. Trump of decades-old inappropriate behavior? The Democratic zealot detractors are currently aghast at such unacceptable behavior. Incredibly, these same politicos remained silently absent when Slick Willy Clinton also had women who were accusatory of his consistent sexually harassing behavior patterns.

As Arkansas governor, he had the pick-of-the-litter feminine companions who were able to enjoy his charming company, and nothing was ever brought to the public’s attention in a timely manner. When elected president of the United States, he continued his despicable conduct.

During this unsettling period of time, Her Royal Clinton stood by her man while attacking and destroying all the women who had the audacity to state their cases against the sacred Clinton clandestine political goals. The Clinton impeachment process enabled Mrs. “C” to declare herself for all to see that she was the woman who would bravely hold her family together – ignoring any and all indiscretions performed by our then-Commander-in-Chief. One could only envision “who” is commanding the chief.

As always, she has survived these unpleasant events, and all those berated women have faded into memory while Mrs. “C” emerged the unblemished heroine. She is now attempting to play the woman card while perpetrating a delaying-action strategy during the short period of time left before Election Day.

She is a veteran of political offense and defense. Focus on the evil deeds of your opponent. Disregard and discredit all the thousands of WikiLeaks injurious email disclosures. Do not appear (whenever selectively viewed) over-confident. Emphasize to all American women that a vote for her will be a power statement against inappropriate sexual atrocities. The woman is a pro. Ensure America is totally concentrated on DJT’s accusatory (though still unproven) aggressive actions.

With all these factors in place, he must focus on defending himself, not allowing him to offer his message and agendas he initially put forth (against all odds) that enabled him to secure the Republican presidential-candidate position. Important subject matters like American unemployment issues, lost American manufacturing plants to foreign lands, ineffective Affordable Care Act problems with programs to repeal and favorably replace Obamacare, national security, border patrol neglect, strong law-and-order programs, American military superiority, vetted immigration practices, improved tax code revisions. Everything that is not on Mrs. “C’s” front-burner agendas to be addressed.

We cannot allow the Clinton machine to run roughshod over our country. This is America’s year of destiny. Do we make America Great Again, or do we allow the self-serving Clinton power couple to regain the Oval Office — proving once again they are strictly and solely for themselves “Stronger Together” – never for the benefit of America! Repetition of Clintonese past illicit performances are both unwarranted and unacceptable.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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