Letter to the Editor: To each his own

Mr. Clemens, I found your rebuttal to my article, “Democrats riding fast train to socialism,” to be an excellent synopsis that I am most likely correct.

If nothing else, your title, “Progressive moral compasses keep Democracy alive,” (Jan. 21) bears out my belief that your moral compass is sacrosanct and that attacking me on a personal basis, without regard to my moral compass, is the only way you know how to present your argument.

I do not agree with you, but you are entitled to your thoughts. Progressives have denigrated the word “equality” and are pushing for everyone to be the same. The reality is that we are not. That doesn’t make me better than anyone else, it just means I think and feel differently than someone else.

I have seen abject poverty in this country and in a number of other countries. I agree that it is not right, and I support helping others. However, helping does not mean unlimited support to those who are able to work but will not or do not. There is always a way to contribute to your own individual needs.

I was not born with a “silver spoon” in my mouth. I am a second-generation Italian American who watched my grandfather, father and uncles go to work every day for over 40 years to support their families. My father insisted that I get a college education and make a better life for myself.

I fought him constantly, but he was right, and I thank God for him every day of my life. I earned the lifestyle I live today with my blood, sweat and tears. No one gave me anything. That said, we all shave different aspirations as far as jobs, homes, and lifestyles, which is as it should be.

As a progressive, you’d institute more government policies that take away an individual’s drive to succeed. Why should I work when I can get more “free money” from the government? I support helping those in need, but do not support the concept of redistribution of income.

As I previously stated, you are entitled to your thoughts Mr. Clemens. If you don’t like mine, attack them from a policy perspective that is defensible, not from one of a personal putdown.

Frank Daniels

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