Letter to the Editor: Too many denied vocational education

The Delaware State News reports, “The annual open house at Sussex Tech for potential eighth grade applicants, held Saturday, drew more than 1200 people, that marks a 17% increase over 2016.

Last year Sussex Tech had 802 applicants, Only 287 were accepted. This means 515 children were denied the opportunity to receive a vocational education.

Here is what we know,

1) A majority of those in our prisons did not graduate from high school and do not have a job skill. (DDOE provides education for those in prison so they can acquire job skills and supports job skill opportunities for those in community colleges.)

2) DDOE does not track the children who were denied a vocational education.

3) We have no idea how many of these children were ELL, low income or had special needs.

4) DDOE refused to approve a Certificate of Necessity that was submitted by Sussex Tech that would have increased their capacity because DDOE had higher priorities.

5) IRSD Certificate of Necessity to reduce overcrowding in one of their high schools was approved. No idea how many children attending this school were denied a vocational education.

6) Delaware legislators will remain silent. How sad they are not concerned about the consequences when motivated eighth-grade students are denied a vocational education where they can learn a job skill instead of going to prison or working 2/3 jobs so they can pay their bills, most will have no health insurance.

In Delaware this is what our legislators and DDOE mean when they say, “It’s for the children.”

Jack Wells

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