Letter to the Editor: Traffic deaths in Delaware

Regarding the story “Fatal crashes spike in state,” Oct. 23, maybe, whoever put this information together, should investigate more as to who, what, when, where, why and how.

Many of those traffic fatalities are out-of-staters, using a cell phone or texting. Route 1 is the gateway to the beaches in Sussex County.

Another reason, use of illegal drugs, particularly marijuana, which the state legislators, in their infinite wisdom, legalized some time ago. Sort of in line with watering down criminal/traffic offenses and the brain-dead decision to change the bonding requirements which facilitates more crime. All I can say is brilliant.

William Fleetwood

EDITOR’S NOTE: HB 110, a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, cleared a House committee in the General Assembly in June. The bill will receive further action during the legislative session in 2020.

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