Letter to the Editor: Trashed Kent County

I have been living in Kent County since 1966 and it is a great county to live in, however the county has become one huge landfill. Most people are pigs as they litter the county roadside and in some cases even their own yards.

Junk cars seem to have become the lawn ornament of choice for some people along with piles of God knows what in their yards.

Why are the county trash cans missing locking tops to prevent the trash from blowing all over the place during the windy season? Why are trash trucks permitted to spew loose trash from the back of their trucks or from their uncovered loads heading towards Sandtown?

Drive Route 10 on any day and just look at the trash along the road! Every road and field in Kent County is littered with trash. This is an eyesore, a threat to wildlife and in some cases junk vehicles leak dangerous fluids in our ground. Farmers have to contend with the trash as they plant their crops. What is wrong with people?

How come there is not one single No Littering sign in Kent County? Is it now legal for people to throw trash anywhere? Where’s the law enforcement and the fines? Where’s the proactive measures by the state and the county?

While Kent County has a few codes to address junk vehicles, tall grass, accumulation of trash and junk on one’s property, the codes are always ignored and seldom enforced. Just what does code enforcement do after they are notified? Sure seems like nothing is enforced or it’s a mere slap on the wrist.

Habitual offenders get a pass from our local courts while neighbors have to contend with years of their eyesores. Over the last few weeks other people have submitted their letters of concern and disgust about how unsightly Kent County is. So if Levy Court, the local chambers of commerce and economic development groups and our state legislators want to attract more employers and people, they should start by cleaning up the county and enforcing the laws which are on the books.

I wonder who or how many people are truly concerned about this problem? The system is broken and from what I see very few seem to be concerned about the trashy image Kent County is projecting.

Boyd White

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