Letter to the Editor: Truly contemptible

It is now crystal clear the the mission statement of the Republican Party is, “We have nothing to offer but fear itself!”

Four years ago, in the last midterm elections, the GOP began ginning up hysteria over the threat of the Ebola virus, even though it was confined to some countries in West Africa, thousands of miles away from our country. Sure enough, as soon as the election was over, they stopped talking about it, and, of course, thanks largely to the actions of the Obama administration (especially the Center for Disease Control), no Americans died. “No harm, no foul” I suppose the Republicans thought to themselves. “It’s just politics.”

Four years later, after discovering, much to their chagrin, that Mexico has not forked up any money for a wall, and that their tax cut for the super rich and corporations, their attempt to strip health care from millions of Americans, and their blatant efforts to end the coverage of people with preexisting conditions are not popular with the voters, they have now embarked on an even more appalling scare tactic.

Following their supreme leader, President Trump, they are trying to create panic about a group of poor and desperate Central American migrants — largely composed of women and children — who have left horrible conditions in Honduras and Guatemala and are walking through Mexico, hundreds of miles from the U.S. border, planning to LAWFULLY seek asylum in the United States.

But thanks to the pathological liar who lives in the White House, they have been transformed into an invading horde who must be countered by the deployment of thousands of troops! Be afraid! Be very Afraid!

But there is a huge difference from four years ago. Unlike the Ebola lie, in which nobody was hurt, this lie has already caused the death of 11 Americans. The disturbed man in Pittsburgh was inflamed to commit those murders because he really believed that the country was in danger, and, thanks to other Republicans like Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, was convinced that Jews like George Soros were behind it.

Nonetheless, in what is a truly despicable new low, the president and his party are continuing to spread this lie, even though it quite literally could lead to more killings. This is not “just politics.” it is EVIL. And those who continue to defend the president as just being “politically incorrect,” or “expressing himself a little differently than I would,” or some other lame excuse, are accessories to evil.

This election is, for all of us, the most important election of our lifetime. We should really vote as if our life depended on it. For some of us, and certainly for our chance to continue as a healthy Democratic state, it does.

Daniel Pritchett

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