LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump and child immigrants

I am nearly speechless, totally appalled. I am 71. I was a political science major in college and have followed/studied politics ever since. Now I have considerable expertise in criminal justice.

Never in my life have I seen a more troubling, more totally screwed up, more deeply tragic, more ill-conceived and wildly out of control mess in government than the current Trump handling of child immigrants! I am almost at a loss for words.

Due to the fragmentation of the immigration system – we have Trump himself, the DOJ, the State Department, ICE, Homeland Security, Fox News spreading tons of false information, Health and Human Services, the Congress, the Border Patrol, and others, involved now with the Trump policy of ripping children from their parents — it’s a total disaster.

Their parents’ only crime was to seek opportunity in the land of opportunity. Even those with claims of asylum are blocked by Border Patrol agents.

Because so many of the professionals [those with experience and knowledge pertinent to the issues] in most of those agencies have quit or been fired, and a bunch of unqualified “yes men and women” have been appointed by Trump to head those agencies, It is a national disgrace of a three ring circus!!

It is abundantly clear that thousands of infants, toddlers and young innocent children are “God only knows where,” in prisons called “home” and nobody has a plan to reunite the families. Indeed, the process has been so sloppy that many may never be reunited.

Ken Abraham

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