Letter to the Editor: Trump and self reflection

It was great to read a letter from a college student. Mr. Hesterman’s treatise on self reflection is an important one. (“Self reflection needed in today’s politics,” Dec. 1)

No matter your persuasion, self reflection is always an important component of success. I would ask Mr. Hesterman: Does he have any evidence that would suggest our current president self reflects?

For me the bigger question is, what should be the expectation of a leader? An effective leader should motivate through inspiration not bullying. An effective leader must earn respect as we all must do, through our words and deeds.

An effective political leader must understand that their life is one of service not self-promotion. Most importantly, a leader must be of moral character, simply put, the leader should be honest.

My reflection is that Mr. Trump is a liar who goes well beyond bombastic political speech. He has not earned my respect. As has been said, “you are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.” Mr. Hesterman may assume what he wishes about me – Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. But I remain a concerned citizen whose country suffers with a failed leader.

Bob McKennett

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