LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump bringing back strength the US has been lacking

In response to the July 12 Mr. Francis A. Bethel III’s characterizations of both President Obama and President Trump, I must take exception to his critiques. (“Time for Trump to take responsibility for himself.”, Letter to the Editor).

For eight years we endured the Obama administration’s miscalculations of what was required to regain America’s prominence and world position. After this never-ending misdirection of progress we needed a complete revision of political authority.

Granted, when President Obama first took office he was dealt a bad hand in the nightmarish financial disaster he beheld and had to overcome. The painful conclusion to ending the disastrous monetary inheritance was an astronomical deficit that skyrocketed into the economic stratosphere.

In the first two years, he had everything he needed to make a very real impact to achieve America’s prosperity, security and growth for the future. He had the whole nine yards. The Executive Office and both Houses of Congress. What was accomplished? Not very much to achieve our goal of national improvement. America was faltering on all counts — no prosperity, unacceptable unemployment rates, border insecurity and scandals running rampant e.g. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS vendettas to the non-preferred Obama objectors and all of this blatantly disregarded by the dedicated and confirmed main media followers of President Obama.

Our country was hungry for a leader who would ensure that America again came first. No more apologetic statements spoken from the Oval Office and bowing to other world leaders. America needed a strong, determined non-politically correct (PC only results in incorrect decision making) individual who would be able to reinstate our country to its rightful place.

How was it conceivable that a complete outsider would be elected to the Oval Office effective on Nov. 8, 2016. The reason? Many Americans wanted our country back. No more elusive charm, articulate rhetoric, lines in the sand that only reverted to be kicked back in President Obama’s face.

President Obama’s main claim to fame was the ill-fated Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, that is currently coming apart at the seams with the destruction and collapse in its foreseeable future. Wait until the fall when still existing ACA exchanges raise their premium increases that many people cannot afford to pay will then be left scrambling for a new health care alternative.

President Trump has done more in his short period of time to accomplish his goals than Obama woefully attempted to achieve. His efforts came to fruition with no thanks to the Democrats who are still crying foul due to the unexpected presidential loss suffered by the Countess of Chappaqua. Of course, there are still the Obama holdovers still in place in different governmental departments who are most likely to be leaking confidential information to the voracious main media who thrive on the controversy they vigorously pursue with undocumented print material and cable detractors. Politics can be a mire of deception and disorder that must be overcome.

President Trump has put in place throughout his administration strong leadership. The new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has reinstated our country’s pride and good standing throughout the world, and Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis, a brilliant United States Marine General with the experience and wisdom to make the correct military determinations. We finally have the strength in government our country was sorely lacking during the lackluster Obama administration.

No, Mr. “B” we will never agree on your presidential preference. That is what America was founded upon. Our abilities to speak freely our minds, express our beliefs and all others enabled to convey their diverse discourse. It is the American way that is getting stronger every day.

May God Always Bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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