LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump derangement syndrom

I watched Bill Maher on Friday night go so far as to hope that the economy collapses resulting in a recession, a statement that received a standing ovation from his in-studio audience. His logic is that’s the type of event needed to win the next election cycle. I’ve heard a phrase coined over the last several weeks “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

I kind of blew it off as a term created by the conservatives that was just hype. I was just wrong. Between Maher, DeNiro and some others, I’ve concluded that it’s a real thing. The same dynamic was in play during the Obama administration when there were those that hope for his failure and bad things for the country because they didn’t like him.

I’ve had 59 trips around the sun, and I can honestly tell you that I’ve wished for laws to not pass and policies to not be implemented, but I have never hoped that a President would fail and I would certainly not hope for the financial collapse of the country and our citizens just to increase the chances of a President not being re-elected. When a president fails, the people pay the price. In my mind, there are few things more treasonous than wishing for misery and pain for your fellow citizens for political gain.

When one feels that way, it’s time for them to leave our country and live elsewhere.

Brian Smith

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