LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump destined to make America great again

“The Donald” speaks the truth. To that end, he encourages many and disillusions others. The fact is that he tells it like it is. He speaks from both the heart and from the brain. He sees what the Washington, D.C., politicians have done to our great nation.

The mediocrity we have endured over the past almost eight years is intolerable, led by a president who prefers playing golf, watching Cuban baseball and overseeing the arrangements made by his underlings with evil nations. The pleasurable experiences he views as his due based on the entitlements of presidential power are unjustified.

During his presidential terms, we have warily watched while radical Islamic terrorism has run rampant throughout the world. The term of “radical Islamic terrorism” cannot be spoken by any member of the Obama Administration. Our only hope to return to our rightful world position is for the next president to rectify all the damage incurred to our country by the prior administration’s weakness and ridiculed leadership voiced throughout the world. America needs the strength, guidance and determination of Donald J. Trump as the provider to that end result.

He is not a politician. That, in itself, is a major positive quality not exhibited throughout Washington, D.C., politicos. His intent will be to surround himself by the brightest and best minds in our country, who will offer their knowledge and information, resulting in Donald Trump’s wise decision-making process. Not to be surrounded by “Yes” men or women, but “honesty” and “truth” to be the bywords to live by.

Our manufacturing jobs will return to their rightful places in our country. Tax relief will benefit us all. We are currently burdened by the highest tax rates in the world. Not acceptable. Our borders will be secured, with the vetting process for immigration intensified, ensuring individuals entering America intend the only rationale for entrance is for a better standard of living for themselves and their loved ones. These procedures will add benefits for all parties involved.

No unauthorized persons who are now able to enter America with the destructive determination of a suicide bomber and murdering of innocent American citizenry will gain access. These actions are in the misguided belief they will be greeted by 72 virgins in the great beyond, only to be faced by an unexpected experience. The only one anxiously awaiting their arrival will be the Devil in a fiery Hell.

The upcoming presidential election may well be the most important election of our lifetime. We need a man who knows what America must possess to be respected in the world. No more will we see our president unnecessarily apologize or bow to other world leaders. Obama believes [that], due to his indomitable smiling countenance, all American problems with adversaries can be solved. Our enemies view this behavior as weakness; hence, under this grand plan, America is deeply disrespected and disregarded.

Donald Trump will ensure that our brave military and veterans will be provided the necessary tools, armaments and funds necessary for them to ensure our national security is a top priority in the Trump administration, not subject to the slashed Defense budget cuts now experienced by ill-advised politicians who ignore this necessary action.

The alternative to Trump will no doubt be ex-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her record in this position is questionable at best. She has done nothing of positive consequence to protect or benefit America. The Benghazi tragedy is one example of her speaking with forked tongue, as she told the families of the four brave Americans who lost their lives while trying to protect American soil in Libya that “Yes, this was an act of terrorism.” Shortly after that truth was spoken, she publicly stated that “the attack was based on a video.” Personally, I believe the families’ truth as to the latter “Let’s Cover Our A_s” statement.

Another famous quote by H.R.C. is her famous response to the removal of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya (of which she was so very proud) – “We came, we saw, he’s dead,” and then, gave that lovely smile of superiority she holds so dear. Today, she doesn’t talk so much about Libya. A little downplay is the chosen path.

The Gaddafi exit that was strongly promoted by Madam Secretary turned into a nightmare debacle when radical Islamic terrorists gained ground, and Libya is now a quagmire of disaster.

Is she really the person we want to lead our country when her decision-making skills seem to circle the bowl at every given opportunity? I think not! We do not want the same-old, same-old rhetoric spewed upon us by repetitive politicians who do not have a clue as to how America can return to greatness.

It’s time for a Major Hope and Change, and the name is Donald J. Trump!

Beverly Monahan

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