LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump giving gifts to the shadow government?

When President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9, the flock of vultures started circling in Washington, D.C. The Democrats believed their wish list was coming to fruition: One more attack upon President Trump that can now be utilized so effectively to the joy of the Dems. Some of the Democratic colleagues are comparing the Trump administration to a “Nixonian” group of Watergaters.

They are calling for more in-depth investigations to search for the truth in the mysterious firing of a man who has been in hot water for many months. In July 2016, Comey wasn’t such a bad man when he stated that no prosecution of Madame Clinton was forthcoming. In October 2016, he was the big, bad wolf by reopening a further Clinton investigation. Hillary still blames him, WikiLeaks and the Russians for the loss of her projected winning of the presidency. Really? Even though she has stated she takes “full responsibility” for her missteps in achieving her expected goal, she continues to blame all of the above for her heartbreaking event. Many Americans did not need any outside actors telling them not to vote for Hillary. Her behavior patterns for 30 years achieved that conclusion.

James Comey had made many mistakes in the past year, and now, our president must wait until the complete investigative process has been completed. There are currently seven different investigations that are ongoing in Washington, D.C., including the special counsel the politicians so defiantly required to determine what possible collusion existed within the 2016 presidential election between the Trump campaign and Russia.

So far, just smoke, no fire. The Washington, D.C., politicians are defiantly stoking those implied flames. All the delaying actions perpetrated by the party of resistance now believe Christmas has arrived in May. One more blockage of progress for America by the salivating Dems who are definitely out to slow, if not prevent, America’s ability to grow, prosper and achieve its dreams, ambitions and positive futures.

The Republicans must complete the task of repealing and replacing Obamacare/ACA, effectively offering all Americans a health care plan that will be acceptable to everyone. Wishing them well with that! We need tax reform, and eliminating Obamacare/ACA will ensure that will be an easier path to fulfillment. The polarization of our political entities in Washington, D.C., is achieving nothing to benefit America. When politicians truly learn to work together and reject the “them” or “us” mentality, we will begin to flourish as a nation. The country President Trump was elected to lead was strewn with many “leftover” pitfalls and problems dangerously unresolved by President Obama and his incompetent administration.

The prophetic words spoken by Bette Davis in the movie “All About Eve” are coming back to return to our current reality: “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” We have become almost immune to the Washington, D.C., rhetoric constantly uttered by the politicos. In respect for America’s future, we must not allow this negative, harmful comportment to endlessly continue. Listening to the venomous observations by defeatists must not be allowed to flourish. We need positive actions to be offered, not the unsubstantiated commentaries spoken by the party of resistance.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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