Letter to the Editor: Trump has restored credibility to US

I am of the opinion that Messers Giaquinto, Sparks and Ms Hart (State News Oct 15, “Speak Out) along with the croaking of the “Swamp” dwellers truly need to do some research prior to shouting to the world the evils of President Trump or the dangers to our security.

During the last few months everything Mr. Trump has done is merely following the provisions of the resolutions the Democrats have passed and issued regards immigrants, previous impeachment policy and now troop withdrawal (Kurdish agreements). The withdrawal of the troops is only adhering to the mandates of the treaty struck by the Democrats with the Kurds. It stipulates that the Kurds will receive military and economic assistance only until a specified time and the Kurds within that time frame would establish a Kurdish State and defend themselves.

They did not uphold their end of the deal and continued to use the U.S. both militarily and economically believing they had to do noting further.

With this president those good times are coming to an end. And the president is only doing what any parent would do when they promise to do something if the child doesn’t do as asked. Is it any wonder half the world laughs at the U.S.? Our creditability is zero. That time has started to come to an end.

Harry Todd

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