LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump is not the nation’s designated scapegoat


While Donald Trump has some positive qualities, he has plenty of negative traits as well. He’s unable to admit mistakes or apologize. He’s often belligerent, narcissistic, and hypersensitive [to criticism] as well as derogatory toward opponents, etc. etc.

But the 11/4 Letter to the Editor titled ‘truly contemptible’ crosses the line in its assessment of Trump’s character. While Trump may exasperate both supporters and critics, he is not the source of our nation’s woes. He is not the reason we have global warming, poverty, skin cancer and bad breath. The POTUS is not the nation’s designated scapegoat

Even though Trump is not directly named somehow Trump’s rhetoric is partially responsible for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Nonsense! Trump is no anti-Semite. He moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem over the objections of many critics. He has members of his own family (by marriage) who are of the Jewish faith. He was quick to denounce the shooting and offer his condolences. P.S. The shooter didn’t even vote for Trump because he thought Trump was too ‘soft’ on Jewish believers. This tragic act is the responsibility of one man who could not exorcise his own personal demons.

Speaking of demons [and demonization], equally outlandish is the writer’s transitive property of politics.

A. Trump is EVIL.

B. Supporters of Trump [i.e. Republicans] are like Trump.

C. Therefore supporters of Trump are also EVIL.

Of course if any part of the statement is wrong, the whole statement is also wrong. It’s impossible to claim the high moral ground while demonizing the opposition even though it makes sense for partisan purposes [the article was printed 2 days before the election].

The selections before the electorate become simpler: pick our candidates or AGENTS OF THE DEVIL! [a tiny demographic]. The choice is easy unless one dabbles in the occult. But if Trump’s rhetoric is considered dangerous and hateful, what can be said of these statements which malign people as EVIL who clearly are not. The response though cliché is applicable-[“it’s] just politics’.

Edgar Cox


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