LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump is trying to level the field

Trump haters continue to spread lies and fake news. they just can’t believe they lost the election!

Mr Pritchett’s statement that the rest of the world is laughing at us is in itself laughable. (“President Trump disgraces his office,” Letter to the Editor, July 11) The rest of the world has been taking advantage of the U.S. for decades.

The very “allies” whose countries we rebuilt after World War II won’t even contribute their fair share to NATO. The rest of the world has been screwing us for years on trade issues via unfair tariffs on U.S. goods. President Trump is trying to level the field.

As far as the mess on the southern border, Trump didn’t cause that. He’s trying to fix it. And oh by the way, it’s common practice to separate children from parents, when the parents have broken the law.

Liberals like to skewer the facts and repeat the lies over and over so weak-minded people assume it’s the truth.

Under President Trump our economy is booming, taxes down, unemployment down, as a matter of fact unemployment for blacks and Hispanics has never been lower.

He’s also rebuilding our military, which is way overdue after years of war and sequestration by previous administrations.

All things considered President Trump is doing a great job, despite obstructionist like Schumer, Pelosi and oh yeah, let me not forget Maxine!

Robert Pajerowski

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