LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump ‘kidnapping’?

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Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor on U.S. immigration policy headlined “Trump’s actions are akin to kidnapping”

• Mike Apgar (who submitted the letter to the editor) I would like to know where you happen to get your info. I’m not saying Trump is always right but at least we now have a president that is trying to do something for the American people with are well-being and safety. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Whining about children separated from criminal adults crossing the border illegally. This policy was stopped two weeks ago. Then again, these folks haven’t accepted the 2016 election yet either. — Jim Price

• Odd, a few years ago we had a military guy get turned around at the Mexican border, detained in their jail, beaten by their cops and the public forgets about the American guy. — Howard Gaines III

• Who got him released? Trump. — Stephen Malkowski

• Kidnapping huh? That is a very “Trumpish” statement. — Sam Fish

• It’s sad really. Democrats have learned a new word to misuse. Asylum. Let’s be clear. When immigrating to another country, legally or illegally, for the purpose of finding a job, you are not seeking asylum. — Steven Howard

• Were you there interviewing these folks? Do you know their stories? — Paula Giordano

• I know the stories already. I also know Dems have suddenly discovered a new tactic. Claim political persecution. — Steven Howard

• Did you say this when Obama detained kids by the thousands for months at a time? I think not. — Karl Kreiling

• Separating kids from their parents is unique to the Trump administration. — John Anderson

• How would anyone feel if their neighbor, just moved into your house, ate your food and didn’t pay, lived there and didn’t pay, had friends over without asking, and expected you to educate them and provide medical insurance while they stayed at your house without your permission. You would call the police and have them removed at least for trespassing. Well, our neighbors from the south are doing the exact same thing. You want the law enforced when it directly impacts you, but as long as it’s not your house it’s OK, no. Our president wants our laws enforced, just like you do. If you want to say, no I am OK with all that – Please contact Homeland Security and be a family sponsor. Yes, you will legally be on the hook for them. Let us see how many who complain actually open their doors. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• This doesn’t affect you at all. If you don’t have enough heart to help people in need, there is nothing anyone can say to you. Many of these people are seeking asylum from violence we will never be touched by because of our privilege being born here. It is horrific that you can attempt to justify what is happening. — Becca Brown

• It’s very sad that the goal for Democrats is importing votes. That’s what this is all about. Oh and anything that they can blame on our great president. — Mark Schmalhofer

• In other words, hold the children in confinement along with their parents. This supports the observation that Democrats don’t really care about people — they just use them. — Charles Miller

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