Letter to the Editor: Trump merely hiding behind the wall

“The wall” is nothing more than a distraction, and it is working quite well.

Even if built, it would never keep migrants and drugs out! They would go to our three other borders, and, the fact is, that most are coming in through the legal entry points anyway! I mean, this whole wall issue is such total BS!

It really is quite sad that most Americans have no clue about the many, many ways that Trump and his cronies are seriously harming them and our nation. Now they want to release more mercury, a super poisonous neurotoxin, into our air and our waters.

In fact, Trump’s EPA has rolled back safeguards which will torment and kill thousands of men, women, and children. They do it so that their buddies, who own the factories spouting out all these poisons, can make more money.

Many reports make it sound innocuous, but it is deadly. It is deadly, cruel and heartless, and it not only costs us tens of billions of dollars in health care (and insurance) costs, but it is no joke when it is your child who is mysteriously, agonizingly ill, because of these poisons!

Why we should impeach:

1. Trump clearly has committed crimes — obstruction of justice, attempted obstruction of justice, campaign finance crimes, and no doubt more, which we shall see when Mueller’s report is released. My guess is money laundering and tax crimes.

2. The man clearly is mentally unfit to govern. One need not be a shrink to see he is dangerously delusional, narcissistic, insecure and a pathological liar.

3. He is unfit to govern in other ways. He ignores the wise advice of his security advisers, placing our troops and all Americans in danger. He harms and endangers millions of Americans with many of his policies, such as the environmental ones mentioned above.

It will be a bit too late to impeach when we are hit with another calamity with the dimensions of Sept. 11, 2001, because he says “we have defeated ISIS”!

4. Trump has lied to us, the sovereigns in this nation, thousands of times. A sound argument can be made that this is treason.

I could go on and on, but time and space do not allow it.

Ken Abraham

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