LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump not even close

Mr. McHugh, I read your letter about our current POTUS [“Give Trump time,” DSN July 28]. I have to disagree with you on this subject, he is no where near the caliber of Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan.

Even the presidential historians have said the only thing that marred the Regan administration was trickle down economics and the Iran/Contra deal.

Look at what we have seen so far, an ongoing investigation, two firings, a recusal and a bunch of resignations. This is how he molds into his new position. This administration so far has been nothing more than turmoil, chaos, and mayhem.

Instead of “Hail to the Chief” it should be “Helter Skelter” from either The Beatles’ White Album or Motley Crue.

The closest president he can compare to is Andrew Jackson and look at some of the stuff he did. This POTUS knows nothing about trade or tariffs. He could end up pushing the country back into the recession. He should stay off Twitter altogether, shut his mouth, and listen to his people and maybe he can accomplish something.

Remember what his mantra was: “It’s time to drain the swamp.” As one of my coworkers’ once said “There are things in the swamp you don’t want to encounter.”

As far as I am concerned he’s taken one too many head kicks, especially from the news media which he has his private war with.

Lonnie Brewer

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