LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump’s actions are akin to kidnapping

Let’s call it as it really is: Donald Trump has directed a government agency to kidnap children.

Forced separation of children from their parents — followed by separate detention of both — is kidnapping. Is it any wonder that a storm of moral outrage and condemnation have fallen on the White House?

Trump has had the temerity to lie that he is only doing what the law requires and to blame the Democrats for the mess that he alone has created. Further he has been claiming that his victims are simply pretending to be distressed for the press. In fact, by refusing to allow people to ask for asylum at the border in accordance with international treaties to which the United States is a signatory, Trump himself is committing crimes.

It is Trump and his attorney general who decided to prosecute those seeking asylum as felons. This is neither required by law, nor has it been the practice of previous administrations to do so. No new law or even an executive order are needed to end this misbegotten policy.

Trump supports his immoral policies by demonizing refugees as “vermin” deserving of contempt and seeking to enter this country to commit crimes, steal from the government, vote illegally and take American jobs. Our politics have become so tribal that Trump currently has a much higher approval rating among Republicans than Ronald Reagan did at the same point in his presidency.

The fact is that the crime rate committed by immigrants is significantly lower that of than native-born Americans. This shouldn’t be a surprise, because those who are illegally don’t want to call attention to themselves. Despite being informed of the facts, Trump simply continues to claim the same falsehoods.

Trump’s actions are not making America great again, whether alienating allies, praising enemies, transferring wealth from the disadvantaged in favor of the very rich, ballooning America’s national debt at a time of economic well-being, or increasing the number of uninsured. Kidnapping does not add to our prestige or moral standing either. It is a terrible example for a self-proclaimed “Christian nation”.

Most Americans and most of America’s allies recognize Trump for what he is: a mercurial self-serving bully intent on enriching himself at the expense of his country. It is astounding that so many of his fellow Americans continue to support him and his policies.

Tribal politics and fragmented media content to pander to every fact-free consumer, we seem doomed to a future of more of the same contempt for truth. So sad!

Mike Apgar

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