Letter to the Editor: Unions beneficial to workers

In response to Mark Mix’s commentary of Sept. 1 (“Consider the injustice of forced union dues”) where he bemoans what he considers the “injustice of forced union dues,”

I would like highlight my experience as a union member in New Castle County’s Library Department. I have nothing but praise for the benefits my union representatives procured for its members.

Times when issues surfaced, where management, for purposes known only to them, would have altered work schedules of employees, disrupting family routines and causing hardships, our union reps came forward to remind everyone that a union contract is a sacred convent that cannot be nullified at the whim of a new administration.

As far as those who object to paying union dues while enjoying the security unions provide, I suggest they seek employment without union representation, and be subject to the vagaries of management whose real concerns are not those of their employees, but their own, like Mark Mix.

Gwen Schauble

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