Letter to the Editor: United no more

Well, he’s accomplished his goal. Donald Trump has destroyed the United States of America.

We are now merely America. United does not describe our country. The country that Abraham Lincoln worked so hard and long to preserve no longer exists.

Of course, Trump didn’t work alone. He had the support of members of Congress who forgot that they serve the best interest of those who elected them to office. Instead, they chose to serve the president, a man who twists the truth to suit his current pattern of delusion. Whatever happened to “Mexico will pay for the wall?” This is just one example of his arrogance and duplicity.

The American Indians had a term for this type of behavior, “white man speaks with forked tongue.” How can any person or government believe him? Understand that this wall issue is his number one plan. It will be the basis for his next run for presidency. Win or lose the wall, it really doesn’t matter. He will twist facts to his benefit.

Can we, as a nation, continue to support a man so caught up in his own importance and tyranny that our country continues to lose respect throughout the world? It’s time for the Democratic congress to take action!

Gloria Baker

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