LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Utopia lost in presidential politics

Would it not be a better political world if we did not have to endure the continual controversial and deplorable accusations the American public must hear throughout this current presidential election? Both candidates are as polarizing as any other previous candidates we have had to choose from.

However, for me, there is no way I can vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The woman has more personal political baggage than any airport baggage claim area in the country. She’s stayed far too long at the Washington, D.C., fair. She has been a major part of the never-ending problems America has had to suffer from for decades. Why would we believe this woman will suddenly do an about-face and become the problem-solver?

Why did Donald J. Trump outlast all prior Republican presidential wannabes? My thought is that the finale for candidate choice is [that] the man has spoken facts that many Americans believe but are too timid to express. The frustration and anger we feel when there are no good-paying jobs, product manufacturers leaving for greener pastures in foreign lands, disrespect for law enforcement and military prowess are among the most visible and hurtful to the American success in the global economic world.

Hill states that DJT is manufacturing his product lines overseas but neglects to mention the man is a success in business because he is most aware that the American tax code is a disaster to our country at 35 percent – the highest in the world. If The Donald is elected, that tax code will be reduced dramatically and our manufacturers will return to American soil.

Hill once made a speech in India that indicated outsourcing was just something that will continue to exist, and we, as Americans, must live with it. She ain’t singin’ that tune today and sincerely hopes no one ever digs up that very “expensive” speech that she is so famous for securing. She is part of the 1 percent she constantly demonizes.

The Clinton Foundation is one of the most detrimental concerns the Clinton machine must overcome, defending that lucrative money-sucking initiative. Surprisingly, the Department of Justice has just declined the FBI request to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Standard Clinton procedural intervention. “Trustworthy” and “transparent” are not words favored in the Clinton vocabulary. If HRC is elected president, we will be doomed to be the victims of the existing habitual governmental errors in all the areas that HRC will expand and control.

Yes, it would be grand if we had a more serene, respectful election process. That is not feasible during this volatile election year. If the Democrats had as their presidential candidate Vice President Joseph Biden and the Republicans offered Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, we would not be experiencing this political unrest. They are both good men who would not be blasphemed by anyone due to their good-guy appeal. We don’t have that option.

We have the two most polemical candidates we have seen for many, many years. Personally, I’m tired of the “old girl/boy” network and want real Hope and Change. I will hope there is a change in Washington, D.C., decorum and effectiveness. One can only dream!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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