Letter to the Editor: Value of military service

Although the recent commentary titled “Presidents as veterans are becoming a dying breed,” written by Dr. Samuel B. Hoff, is certainly informative, a key point of his analysis is not true.

Dr. Hoff’s statement, “With three of the last four American presidents lacking military background…” perhaps justified by Hoff’s liberal bias, is a false premise.

Any military veteran may have easily identified the lack of a military background of former presidents Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama by their pathetic military salutes and obviously somewhat dismissive regard toward those who were currently serving or have previously served our country.

In contrast, President Donald J. Trump’s sharp military salute and demonstrated respect for those who serve or have served their country assures clear-eyed U.S. veterans of all ranks, that our sitting president not only has a military background but most importantly knows, “It’s not about me, it’s about us,” instilled in all during basic training and who have subsequently served in a military unit, particularly those enlisted at a young age.

Dr. Hoff’s article correctly pointed out the name recognition and notoriety gained by U.S. military victories and conquests resulted in elevation of many military officers to the exalted position of President of the United States.

In a paraphrased quote attributed to former disgraced president and lawyer Richard M. Nixon, he said, “No person who has an Ivy League education should be permitted to occupy the office of President of the United States.”

Contrary to echoing Nixon, Professor Hoff repeatedly exhorts the educational superiority and relevance of Ivy League colleges and their equivalently rated U.S. military academies.

Such emphasis is indicative of the rampant elitism of America’s heretofore ruling classes in as much as these institutions have produced well-connected lawyers and commissioned military officers with the noteworthy benefits and, more importantly, shortcomings thereof.

President Trump is a graduate of a respected New York military high school as well as a leading business college in addition to being a successful world-renown billionaire, who, to the horror and consternation of his political opponents, became very wealthy prior to entering elective office; not after, as is the standard acceptable benefit.

Despite the arrogant disrespectfulness of the mainstream media, plus deposed ruling elites who appear to have brought the United States of America to the brink of insolvency, collapse and ultimate destruction, military high school graduate Donald J. Trump is our president of the United States.

We are truly blessed the White House in Washington, D.C. once again is honorably occupied by a president of the United Stated who has a military background and vigorously supports our active military and the treasured veterans it produces.

Dave Graham

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