LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Veterans Administration to blame for most problems

Mr. Malloy, I read your letter (“House vets at military bases”). Novel idea but bad idea. Most of the military bases that were closed were due to age of facilities and environmental impacts.

We as the taxpayers would not have this problem if our current POTUS had not mettled with this immigration issue, whether he’s trying to do good or not. The so-called “political hacks” are not the problem. Some elected officials are out there helping the vets. The problem is the Veterans Administration itself.

Look what we have seen so far. One management change after another, little or no leadership, bad behavior and lastly no accountability at all levels. What the VA truly needs is proper funding, qualified people, and better leadership. Every time we come off a conflict whether it is minor/major they cannot handle the amount of people,

Veterans should have been allowed years ago to seek private medical care instead of foot dragging. America First sounds nice but good luck trying that approach. You have to do things with other countries not only as a goodwill gesture but also to gain something else in return.

Lonnie Brewer

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