Donald Trump claims to be a uniter but he lies. In a recent tweet he referred to Democrats as an angry left-wing mob, too extreme and dangerous to govern, and claimed that Republicans believe in the rule of law – not the rule of the mob.

Considering that the majority of voters in the 2016 election did not vote for him, this is an extremely divisive statement. Trump surely knows this. Rather than trying to unite the country, he is speaking to his far-right, heavily armed followers, like those who showed up in Charlottesville. He praises and encourages violence against those who oppose him. This is not the behavior of someone who believes in the rule of law.

Trump’s M.O. is to project his own lawless and fraudulent behavior onto anyone who questions or opposes him. He’s a thin-skinned authoritarian systematically dismantling a government he regards as a regulatory enemy that has impeded his quest for unlimited wealth and power.

Unfortunately, the normal checks on executive power have been co-opted. The House and the Senate have Republican majorities unwilling to challenge Trump. The Supreme Court has a neoconservative majority with a pro-corporate, anti-regulatory agenda.

We’ve slid a long way into oligarchy, and we have a long battle ahead. Help restore some balance and positive energy to our dysfunctional government. Vote Democratic in the midterm elections.

Michael Lawton
Ocean View

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