Letter to the Editor: Vote for Rowe in Dewey Beach

Ever since the Dewey Beach parking enforcement was moved from the police to code enforcement it has been handled in an intelligent manner. That the town manager on his own or with the backing of several commissioners this year have made the decision to remove administrative responsibility for simple parking errors without providing instructions (example: not putting in two small letters of your license plate) to punish tourists with tickets when they are trying to pay for parking is incomprehensible, not what other nearby towns do, and has caused Dewey Beach to be known as a parking trap, hurting the town’s reputation.

This is especially frustrating as there are major fiscal issues such as the failure of internal controls (millions of off-balance sheet military equipment) and a huge hundred of thousands of dollars budget deficit.

This is why I believe that Philip Rowe should be voted in as a new commissioner. His business acumen would have resolved the above reputation issue quickly and he would spend his and the other commissioners time on resolving important matters like trust in government, better internal controls, and financial responsibility.

Most residents are unaware how bad the budget is as expenses are being delayed until after the election. The town is not preparing itself for a downturn.

Vote for candidate Philip Rowe to maximize your vote and make sure he joins the council.

Dennis Trencher
Dewey Beach

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