Letter to the Editor: Vote for Spadola

I want to urge you to vote for James Spadola for state auditor on Nov. 6. Delaware deserves an independent auditor full of integrity and grit.

James is an Iraq War veteran, former underwriting manager who oversaw millions of dollars for small business loans, a University of Delaware graduate, MBA recipient from Wilmington University and a Republican.

As a Democrat, why would I ask you to vote for a Republican? It’s simple — the state auditor is the fiscal watchdog for our state and investigates fraud, waste and abuse. Democrats control the Governor’s Office, the House and the Senate; it just makes sense to have a member of the minority party to ensure that our tax dollars are protected.

The state auditor is an important position and one that should not be subject to party politics, political favors, and straight party line voting. When we go to the polls, Democrats have an option. On Nov. 6, I urge you to vote for James Spadola for state auditor of accounts.

Ashley Sabo

Republican James Spadola is facing Democrat Kathleen McGuiness in the race for state auditor.

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