Letter to the Editor: Vote No to higher taxes

If you ask the same question over and over again, sooner or later you will get the answer you want. This is how some children and the Woodbridge School District leaders think. We told them no in March, they did not like that answer. Now they ask for the same amount. Again!

Forget trying to come up with a lower budget or another solution. Let’s dig into the pockets of the citizens, even though we just built a new high school and raised their taxes.

Why do we have four schools? why are they allowed to waste our money? Why are they allowed to ask over and over again until we give in, when we already told them no? If we vote yes we are giving them the license to waste money and ask for more.

We must send a clear message this time. No to higher property taxes. Woodbridge School District, learn to balance your checkbook and live within your means.

It is common knowledge that we could have built the new high school for less than 60% of what it actually costs Woodbridge taxpayers, simply by not using federal construction companies paying union wages. (All the money went out of state, hardly any local vendors or contractors and all union wages all the time). So its pretty obvious that Woodbridge School District does not care about our money and they sure don’t mind wasting it.

We have been told by Mr Heath Chasnov “We have to do a better job of informing the people” but twice I contacted Mr. Chasnov and asked if we would be having another referendum. No response. I got the information through good ole DSN.

No, the public can not see the books.
Who knows what they are doing with our money? For God sakes, let’s don’t give them more money to waste. Bottom line here, they are wanting more money out of us, the taxpayer, because they don’t know how to manage the money they have. Give them more they will simply tax us until we become New Jersey and our property taxes are more than our mortgage payment.

Lets get go to school and vote No again. Maybe if the No votes are so overwhelming this time, they won’t try this again for a long, long time.

Jay Pratt

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