LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote record over affiliation

My name is Ellan Levitsky. I am a World War II veteran and had the honor of serving our country as a nurse overseas in France alongside my sister. My entire life I have been a registered Democrat and my entire life I have voted for only Democrats.This election will be different in one major way.

Bryan Shupe, candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 36th District, will be the first Republican I will have ever voted for in my lifetime. I am not walking away from the party, but I believe that Bryan has demonstrated that his commitment to those he serves in our community surpasses any party affiliation.

The reasons I am voting for him are simple. He is a family man that cares deeply about serving his community and time after time has put the people of our community above any special interest.

I believe his commitment to his community began when he created his own small business, MilfordLIVE.com, eight years ago. He established this company as a way to highlight our town and provide a place to showcase the positive people, organizations and families that work so hard to make our community better. Caring about local children and their future, he served on the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors and helped a team of volunteers enhance the opportunities for local youth.

As nayor of Milford he focused on working with current businesses to increase employment opportunities for local families and challenged the status quo by creating fair policies for all residents. These policies helped the city of Milford address long-time issues with roads, infrastructure and finances and have set a strong foundation for future leaders.

If you want to know if Bryan Shupe will make a great state representative you need to look no further than his commitment to his community. As a father, volunteer, small business owner and mayor, he has worked daily alongside others to build a better future for our community.

Ellan Levitsky

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