Letter to the Editor: Vote Rowe for change in Dewey Beach

On Saturday, the Dewey Beach Civic League hosted a question and answer forum for all Dewey Beach commissioner candidates. In a word it was epic!

Throughout the event, the incumbent candidates offered only platitudes and excuses, with an occasional apology for their reckless spending, ridiculous budget process, lack of effort in attracting new businesses and lethargic pace of police reform.

On the other hand, I pointed out their lack of experience running anything, as they operate a budget that divides our town’s revenue into twelve equal months; a juvenile and unprofessional misunderstanding of why an organization even has a budget. I stated the position of mayor is foremost as the town’s ambassador and should involve going out and recruiting businesses to locate in Dewey Beach, being up on commercial real estate availability and generally helping to increase the town’s revenue!

Yes, it’s easier to sit back and raise fees on residents and if that’s solely the kind of thinking you want, then support the three amigos of incumbency. However, if you’re interested in getting things done, having a fiscally viable town and a functional police department and government, Vote Rowe for Dewey Beach!

Yes, you get three votes, but if you want real change and are tired of the conflicts of interest and the apology tour of my opponents’ campaigns, just use one vote and send a message that you are for real change in Dewey Beach! Help put us back on the path of legitimate government for the people.

I thank you for your attention and I am asking for your vote.

Philip Rowe
Dewey Beach Commissioner

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