LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Voters urged to support Shupe in 36th District


It is my honor and pleasure as a resident of the 36th District to support and endorse Bryan Shupe as state representative. I urge all voters regardless of party to join me.

For me, the reasons are very clear to vote for Bryan. He is a respected businessman, a former mayor of the City of Milford, a dedicated community volunteer, and an amazing father. I can speak to all of the above as I have known Bryan for his entire life.

As a successful businessman of not just one, but two businesses, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. The community and surrounding area has benefited from his expertise in digital marketing. His business provides the opportunity for other businesses and nonprofits to connect with consumers, thereby strengthening the economy. Personally, I have worked with Bryan in this capacity as I held the position of president of the board of a local nonprofit and as a teacher in the community. He not only acts in a professional manner, but his commitment to your needs is evident throughout your experience.

As mayor of Milford, Bryan was literally everywhere when needed. I have lived in Milford the majority of my life and have been a part of numerous community happenings throughout. What was unusual and very positive when Bryan became mayor was that I witnessed his presence in the community have a calming effect. Quite honestly, people trusted him. They still do. I contacted him personally a few times about concerns in the community and if there was a way he could help he made it happen.

One would think that a busy mayor and owner of two businesses might not have time to “give back.” That certainly is not the case with Bryan. He volunteers with local nonprofit organizations as well. Most notably, he has dedicated countless hours to The Greater Milford Boys and Girls Club. I admire professionals who make the time to do a service for the community without getting something in return. Bryan is one of those people. The students in my classroom always recognized and were comfortable talking to Bryan due to his visibility in nonprofit organizations and his work in the community.

Lastly, I have had the opportunity to watch Bryan become an amazing husband to his wife Sherry and father to his small daughter Evelyn. It is rare that you see Bryan without one of these beautiful females. He has built an amazingly supportive family, which is crucial to one in his position. I am not one bit surprised.

As the election gets closer it is of the utmost urgency that we commit our support to individuals who will make solid, positive decisions for our district and who will work tirelessly for us. I am confident that Bryan’s record exemplifies that he is ready and able to do just that. Join me as I support Bryan Shupe as the next State Representative of the 36th District.

Sandy Soucek


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