Letter to the Editor: Wake up, America!

We have a dysfunctional and dangerous president who divides our nation along racial lines, idolizes murderous dictators, is incapable of using diplomatic protocols, treats refugees at our southern border inhumanely and dismantles safeguards to the health and welfare of our citizenry by overturning science-based regulations protecting our air, water and food. We have a president who took America out of both the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iranian Nuclear Deal, the latter of which may escalate to military confrontation with Iran.

This president has added trillions to the deficit with the passage of the recent “tax reform” legislation benefiting the super rich and corporations at the expense of working people. Ongoing efforts to rein in some of this deficit may impact America’s highly successful social safety nets — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. His trade war with China has caused farmers to suffer losses, resulting in additional tax-supported subsidies for them.

The appointment of cabinet members and lifelong judges whose main goals are to dismantle their agencies and overturn sound policies and research-based programs is alarming. The face that America presents to the world is not that of a nation that formerly led with wisdom, morality, compassion and justice for all.

His immorality and criminal behavior (colluding with the Russians, flagrant attempts at obstruction of justice, violations of campaign financing and anti-discrimination laws — the “send them back” invective), are all justification for his impeachment. However, impeachment is not likely with the Republicans still in charge of the Senate and with the Democratic leadership urging patience and caution until the next election.

Good candidates are vying for the Democratic primary and each could serve this nation in key positions in diplomacy, education, commerce, health care, the environment, and infrastructure. We need to take back the Republican Senate and return government to its mission of legislating for the people and by the people.

Rebecca Scarborough

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