LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Walker the wrong choice

During a radio interview in November of last year, Scott Walker said that he welcomed sexual assault allegations from his past to give his campaign the media boost that it needed. Now, it would seem, with a video of himself “fat-shaming” a plus-size model being viewed almost a half million times and being plastered all over the local news and social media, he has hit the jackpot.

You also don’t have to dig deep to find other character-questioning videos, interviews, and articles about his legal trouble. Only he knows if this was all part of some “evil genius” plan or dumb luck; either way it is playing out better than he could have ever imagined. Scott Walker is front and center.

Scott Walker is now the Republican challenger for Delaware’s U.S. congressional seat. His sloppy homemade campaign signs, which are better suited for a junior high student council election, are scattered through all three counties. Many people are still scratching their heads over how he made it this far.

It couldn’t be his oddball policies that sound more like rambling personal grievances. Just sharing the same name with the popular Republican governor of Wisconsin surely didn’t earn him nearly 20,000 votes. Most likely, it’s a growing group of anti-establishment voters who just want to watch the world burn.

Now, armed with a Facebook account to agitate critics and spout nonsense in short concentrated bursts, it’s obvious to me that he is trying to emulate our current president’s winning campaign strategy. Another outsider, tough-talking, flip-flopping, media manipulating, kooky old landlord with a checkered past.

With more traditional Republican values and candidates losing steam in recent years, I wonder what size market there is in Delaware for a Scott Walker. Large, I suspect.

Many people dismissed him as a serious candidate. I know I did just as soon as I started to notice his signs dotted along Delaware roads. His Republican primary opponent, Lee Murphy, certainly did. Mr. Walker has been dismissed much the way Donald Trump was as a serious presidential candidate in 2016 before he ripped the rug out from beneath us all.

I will vote for Lisa Blunt Rochester on Nov. 6 and I think she will keep her seat in Congress. Although, I hope she doesn’t underestimate Scott Walker as a legitimate threat and expect to coast to victory on a blue wave. We should all take him very seriously.

His supporters in this last election certainly did. And so will the many more he is sure to recruit on his bizarre, misogynistic media blitz.

Danny Beck

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