Letter to the Editor: We all should salute Smyrna Police Department


A recent article informed us that a mental health clinician began riding with a Smyrna police officer recently, providing the department with an additional tool to determine if someone is in crisis and needs substance use or mental health treatment. The partnership between the Smyrna Police Department and Connections Community Support Programs began earlier this month.

Lord knows that I criticize the justice system and law enforcement when they need it, but here we all should salute Smyrna P D. A good and wise decision! As I suggested when I saw the New Castle police do this: all departments in the nation should follow their lead! Philly, Detroit, Milford and Rehoboth … are you listening? Such policies will not only aid the public, but also will reduce the risk to police officers in some of their “strange encounters”!

While many “clinicians” are not well-trained, the mere presence of this person will heighten awareness of these serious problems and help officers how best to respond. i. e. Do NOT shoot first and ask questions later!

Of course, eliminating the “war on drugs”, the root cause of so many problems, would help immensely. Before you “freak out” about that suggestion, I suggest you look at countries which already have done it: crime is way down, addiction is down, and police resources are much more wisely used — catching rapists, robbers, and killers!

Ken Abraham


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