Letter to the Editor: What? Another tax?

The Democrats of the General Assembly didn’t take long to convert their 2018 election victories into another grab for the wallets of Delaware property owners.

SB 50 is a current bill sponsored by 18 Democrats which would establish a statewide property tax to benefit one of their special interest friends [Delaware Tech] who has convinced those sponsors that the prior mismanagement of their maintenance needs and other wants now warrants indefinite intervention by the taxpayers.

Once installed, this new levy would roll out forever and those legislators who installed it will be cloaked because they won’t need to vote for an annual handout.

If the Carney administration wants to create these statewide stealth taxes they should at least make them subject to a referendum vote at the time of the general elections and, if they pass, the tax should be made a head tax instead of another assault on the homes, farms and businesses properties of Delaware.

Jim Melville

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