LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What do Sen. Blevins and President Obama have in common?

“Mr. Smith has overcome his burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the continued existence of the charges constitutes a Manifest Injustice. Mr. Smith’s averment in support of his allegation of manifest injustice, the State’s lack of opposition, Mr. Smith’s vindication after the falsity of his ex-wife’s allegations was brought to light, and the court system’s error in entering the 2010 charges in triplicate, taken together, are sufficient to overcome the presumption that no manifest injustice exists. Accordingly, in the interest of justice and in order to uphold the integrity of the Judiciary, IT IS ORDERED that the Petition for Expungement of Adult Record filed by Gordon G. Smith, is hereby GRANTED in accordance with Section 1025 of Title 10 of the Delaware Code.” — Chief Judge Marti Pyott, January 2013

This is but a snapshot into three years of a personal hell, in which I would experience nine arrests, 24 criminal charges on my record; I spent time in James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (a prison), because I could not immediately post bond, and a GPS ankle bracelet. I could go on and on, to re-emphasize, all as a completely innocent man. The perpetrator, my stalker, would eventually go too far in exploiting the system, and (thanks to the Dover Police) would be arrested for filing multiple false police reports, and providing false information to the police. For me, the statement by the judge provided not only a much-overdue redemption, but a moral high ground from which to speak. Through my experience, I had the opportunity to see a side of the system that most of you reading this never will. I saw very-dirty people who belong in prison, but, ironically, these individuals were not the “scum-of-the-earth, stereotypical criminals.” No, they wore badges and carried guns. They were prosecutors with nice clean suits, those who adorned themselves in judicial black robes, and yes, even those elected officials who held public office — protectors of a broken system.

For three years, the Delaware Attorney General’s office, a Family Court Commissioner, and elements of the Delaware State Police (Troop 3) allowed one person to squander taxpayer money (several hundred thousand dollars), and waste valuable law-enforcement/judicial resources meant for true victims. They would have no evidence, ignore exculpatory evidence (Troop 3 and the AG office), and completely fail to investigate. Instead, they were opting for the politically correct — primary-aggressor stereotype with their desired narrative. Even though a recent DOJ/CDC [Department of Justice/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] study showed that “more men are victims of intimate partner physical violence and psychological aggression,” and another study researched by Save Services — showed the pervasive problem of false allegations as another form of domestic violence.

Finally, due to constituent pressure, a bill was introduced (SB99) with bipartisan support that would address the problem of false allegations, and the non-prosecutorial crime of perjury in Family Court. But, Senate Joint Finance Committee Chairperson Sen. Margaret Rose Henry refused to allow it to see the light of day, keeping it buried in committee. So when Senate President pro tem Patricia Blevins, at a public meeting under the complicit eye of Gov. Jack Markell, I might add, directed me to “put down” a small sign that read “False Allegations of Domestic Violence is Another Form Of Domestic Violence,” and then, seconds later, to be removed by a Capitol Police officer — I take strong issue with that. A clear violation of a citizen’s First Amendment right to free speech at a public event. Why? It complicates the narrative that facilitates the enormous amount of money for all of their special programs and agencies.

What do President Obama and Sen. Blevins have in common? They both refuse to acknowledge something for what it clearly is. Just as Obama cringes at the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” Sen. Blevins cringes at the term “False Allegations is another Form of Domestic Violence,” and they both seek to silence those who would have the audacity to exercise their First Amendment right regarding both.

Gordon Smith
Formerly of Felton
Now of Daytona Beach, Fla.

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